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Alain and Jacinta | By Focus Productions

In the heart of Montreal, on the radiant morning of September 3rd, 2023, love found its ultimate expression as Jacinta & Alain  joined hands in holy matrimony at the sacred St. Sauveur Cathedral.


With the blessings of family and friends, witnessed through the lens of Focus Video Productions, every moment became a cherished memory.

From the exchange of vows to the tender embrace, their love story unfolded with grace and joy.


As the sun descended, the celebration continued at Le Challenger, where laughter filled the air and hearts overflowed with happiness.

Surrounded by the warmth of loved ones, Jacinta & Alain embarked on a journey of endless love and unity.


May their union be blessed with everlasting happiness and may their love shine brighter with each passing day.

Pictures by: Kamil Maksoud

Music By DJ: Ahmad Rami

Reception at Le Challenger