Memories on a roll.

From The Past into The Future.

A photo montage video is a compilation of photos put to a music track. More often than not students will ask for a photo montage video as a graduation present. However, it is also a great means to remember special occasions such as a wedding, family reunion, family holiday or trip, birthday, anniversary, etc.

We take all of your favorite photos (actual prints and digital files), old and new, and put them into a non-stop moving picture production. There are many ways to do this, but our process is original and fast. It’s a wonderful way to preserve and share memories.

The slideshow or video is created by selecting the photos or video clips you would like to display and then arranging them in the order that you want them to appear. Then the slides or video clips are edited together to tell the story. Your chosen photos or video clips are then professionally encoded into a high-quality video file that can be uploaded to YouTube, your website, and Facebook, placed on DVDs and more.

Create something breathtaking.