Video Production Services

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From the world’s most prestigious events, to a weekly lunchtime announcement, the future of live corporate communication is online video. Focus Video Productions specialize in producing high quality live broadcasts for Global companies.


Our production company has technically proficient and experienced videographers and cinematography professionals working on every bridal production we get in Montreal, QC and Ontario. We have the latest cinematography and production equipment that will guarantee crisp, sharp, and vibrant clips of your special day. 


A live broadcast of your wedding means more than just watching; Live Web Streaming is a two way street. Great to see your guests having all this fun, but they’re big fans of the host too: YOU! As you and your guests are having a blast together, so are viewers who’re liking, commenting, and sharing the love!


Focus Video Productions offers high-quality video production and editing services such as commercial video, live stream production, promotional videos, interviews, and more. We also film for your company’s meetings and events to convey messages clearly.


Focus Video Productions is a full-service production house that has the technical know-how to engineer your live streaming sports broadcast from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective way to bring your fans closer through a weekly webcast, a major event like the Super Bowl, or coverage for your local sports team, we have the solution for you.


A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the most exciting moment in a young person’s life, not to mention the genuine thrill of emotion shared by family and friends. We take great pride in filming that special day and the memories that will last forever.


Let Us Create A Film That Will Capture The Beauty Of Your Child’s Baptism: Our attention to detail, our poetic storytelling, and our artistic eye for composition will capture the beauty of your child’s baptism day in a video that will stand the test of time. Our videos are soft and delicate, with a story-like flow that is both entertaining and memorable. 


Picture It On Film. We bring all of your favorite photos to life through a montage-like video that features transitions and music.


Destination Wedding and Elopement Videos for the Modern Couple. Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and unique days of your life. We care about making all of the details perfect, from your vows to your outfit. Let our team capture every special moment of your big day, no matter where it takes place.


We want to tell your child’s baptism story. Since it’s only fitting to have a baptism video made which will show all of the beauty and magic that can happen on such a blessed day. We want to make it possible for you to fully relive, or experience for the first time, the beauty of your child’s baptism day.


We’ll capture moments in time that you will always cherish. Focus Video Productions can capture all your special events on video from Birthdays and Anniversaries, to Weddings. With over 30 years of experience in capturing moments in time with our high quality digital video equipment we can help you preserve those days that you want to remember forever.


Don’t let your wedding day memories sit in a closet. Do something fun with them! Together we will find a beautiful location and outfit you in your wedding attire once more. A professional photographer will capture photos as you sashay down a dirt road, splash into a pool or go for a leisurely paddle on a quiet lake. Whatever our adventure is… I’m sure it will be one that you’ll remember forever!