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Share your Wedding by Broadcasting it Live!

The reality when it comes to most weddings? Many people can’t attend, especially if the wedding locale is a faraway location.

Luckily, live broadcasting weddings have changed the entire landscape of getting married. Now your friends and family can share in the special “I do” moment, no matter where they are.

A live broadcast of your wedding means more than just watching, but viewers can also interact, by leaving comments and feedback via YouTube, Facebook or other streaming platforms. How fun is that?

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How Live Broadcasting your Wedding Works

It’s more simple than you might imagine. If we’re shooting your wedding, we just connect our cameras to a mixer and plug in to an internet connection. Then we’re ready to go!

Concerned it won’t look good? We don’t like shaky cam either! We’re professional videographers so we assure you: we’ll make it look top-notch. We’re experts at naturally capturing action and seamlessly moving to the next live scene. As close to watching a living movie as we can get it!

Wedding Videographers

Ready take on the live broadcast a wedding of your own? We have professional video equipment for rental, ready to delivery in the Montreal area.

We also offer 3Play™ Instant Replay, Slow Motion, “Just In Time” Editing & Automated Media Servers – one of the only production houses in Montreal to offer this amazing high-tech system, perfect for sporting events, concerts and more.

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